Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Welcome to Dadian Chess

In this blog I will post several different kinds of articles:

1. Impressive games. Every so often I come across a game that astonishes me by its depth, originality, or sheer power. New games, old games -- it doesn't matter.
2. Opinion pieces. From time to time an issue somewhere in the chess world is causing strong reactions. I will weigh in as I think appropriate.
3. Memorable games. I have been playing tournament chess since 1967, so this year is a milestone for me. My output has been modest, but I have a few favourites to share.
4. Interesting positions. This could be an endgame, a middlegame combination, a tricky opening line... or a position where someone went badly wrong.
5. Corrections to published analysis. I like to "argue" with my books -- it's amazing how many mistakes are out there, waiting to be discovered!
6. Book reviews. I own upwards of 700 volumes, most of which are very good.
7. Stories. As any tournament player will tell you, the funny stuff almost never gets published!

Many thanks to James Chan for encouraging me to start this blog!


Edward said...

I like the layout, especially the nice big fonts for old eyes.

It would be improved if you could make the font sans-serif for normal text. Serif fonts in normal size text don't work too well because of the lousy screen resolution of even the best monitors. They confuse the eye.

You can do this with the rule

.post-body {font-family: sans-serif !important;}

near the top of your stylesheet.

Dan Scoones said...

Thanks for the feedback. According to the advertising research I have seen, serif fonts increase readability compared with san-serif fonts. The one I'm using here (Georgia) is rated quite highly. It is also the default font for this template. Please don't let this stop you from visiting my blog!

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